Vinyl Flooring


Vinyl floor is the ideal surface for projects where durability, ease of maintenance, anti microbial, anti static, anti-slip and noise-damping properties are key requirements. The special demands of applications requiring vinyl emphasize the importance of technical performance beside the aesthetic questions.

The primary advantage of vinyl is that it is relatively inexpensive and comes in almost infinite varieties of colors and patterns. Maintenance involves little more than sweeping and damp mopping.

Sheet vinyl is used extensively in rooms where excess moisture is present. When sealed, it is completely impervious to water.



All of our materials have been tested, their specification approved and their quality supported by installations in many countries. Alsorayai offers floor coverings designed for use in such facilities as hospitals, health-care centers, administration and office buildings, schools, nurseries, as well as commercial and industrial facilities.


Commercial vinyl flooring is available in heterogeneous and homogeneous varieties.