Mosque Flooring


Alsorayai Group is proud of furnishing Mosques for more than 64 years with the finest types of made yarns. The group has established a special section for designing the most luxurious models and collections that reflect the spirituality of the place and inspire worshipers reverence and gravitas during praying and performing one of the pillars of Islam. Mosques Carpets section has developed a kinds and qualities that meet the basic requirements and serve Mosques. Alsorayai’s Carpets, which are produced locally, resist rot, parasites and bacteria, and thy have high stability that maintain their lustiness for a long time. Alsorayai Group offers many designs and materials that meet all tastes and possibilities, as we inspire our strength and ability from our belief in the sanctity of duty and tasks entrusted to us, in addition to our clients’ trust in our products.