Carpet Rolls

Alsorayai offers the best of what carpet manufacturers product, which same varieties carrying 5 years warranty. Carpet remains the most popular floor covering choice for a variety of reasons. Carpet has been the choice of many architects, interior designers, and home owners and hence become one of the most fundamental parts of modern interiors.



  • Carpet offers more fashion options in colors and textures than any other floor covering option on the market.
  • Contemporary carpet is manufactured according to highest standards.

Carpet comes in a wide variety of colors, tones, and hues.

  • Carpet can hide many sub-floor irregularities that would not be permitted with hard-surface floors.
  • Carpet is generally easier and more economical to install and replace than most floor coverings.



  • Hotels and restaurant
  • Ballrooms
  • Palaces, villas and apartment.
  • Offices
  • Airport first class and VIP lounges.



Alsorayai offers a wide variety of carpet materials with endless color and design combinations. Available varieties premium nylon construction, wool or mixed qualities. Our focus is on individuality and uniqueness while maintaining breathtaking designs coupled with precision manufacturing.