Al-Sorayai Group Factories

Carpets Factory

Al Sorayai Carpets Factory takes into consideration the various sectors of the society, and therefore produces carpets ranging from low to high prices with luxurious features, and a variety of colors and sizes, all of the latter is perfected through the best world-class tufting machines.

The above mentioned entails a diversity of carpet designs which cover the whole market, ranging from low priced high quality products, and up to the type required for luxurious palaces, offices and mosques.

Al Sorayai Carpet Factory proudly outputs a wide selection of artificial grass carpets which are used in gardens, swimming pool areas, and home floors. These products are locally sold and exported to various countries around the globe, be it within GCC, the Middle East, Europe, Asia, America or Australia.

Carpet Factory

Distinctiveness and luxury are the main aims of the Rugs Weaving Factory in its mission to meet all the market requirements, be it on the level of residential housing and hospitality projects, mosques and lounges, or hotels and offices.

The factory is able to professionally produce pieces of rugs with special specifications, ranging of wool, acrylic, silk, or high-quality Heat-set in order to meet both the local and international demands.

Yarn Factory

Al Sorayai Group believes in the importance of raw materials and therefore uses Al Sorayai Jeddah Yarn Plant in the production of nylon and polypropylene which are essential elements in the manufacturing of rugs within the Al Sorayai Rugs Factory. It is also vital to mention that he total licensed annual production capacity of the plant is 60 thousand tons.

Additionally, we highlight the fact that on average 94% of the Jeddah plant output of industrial threads goes to the Al Sorayai Rugs Factory. And, the other 6% is sold in the local market.

Tufting Carpet Factory

We proudly offer a wide selection of carpets with different specification such as Shaggy, Loop pile/Cut loop. Additionally, we provide artificial grass in diverse designs and colors with all kinds of yarn such as Natural wool, Polypropylene, Polyester, Artificial grass yarn for hotels, homes, offices and yards.

Spinning & Weaving Factory

Having differentiated itself as a unique industry, Al Sorayai Spinning & weaving Factory currently manufactures high quality carpets with the ability to produce Artificial Grass and engraved Carpets and other types of Carpet products with specifications, and in turn meeting the various requirements of the consumers and the market.

Finishing & Packing Factory

Using the latest top rated machines in the world, we are able to make the final finishing & packing for our carpets with the added benefits of including materials rendering the carpets Anti-Bacterial, Fire Reluctant, Water Resistant, and Dirt Reluctant. All the latter comes paired with special packing material, different thicknesses, and various colors and designs.