Mission & Vision


Within the Saudi Market and abroad, Al Sorayai Manufacturing and Industrial Group is considered a leading Saudi joint stock company with a substantial capital amounting to SAR. 375 Million.

Major Activities

Basing its outputs on the compilation of experiences gathered along the years, Al Sorayai Group prides itself for being among the leaders in the areas of manufacturing, wholesale, and retail trade of carpets and rugs, and further expands its activities to excel in the import and sale of furniture, carpets, rugs, textiles, curtains and accessories, blankets, and mattresses. Al Sorayai Group also believes in the importance of raw materials and therefore produces polypropylene yarn and thread which are essential elements in the manufacturing of carpets and rugs

Group Overview

In 1953, The Al Sorayai Group was founded by Abdullah Al Sorayai may his soul rest in peace and Nasser Al Sorayai.

Initially the business concept was initiated through the import of handmade Rugs from various parts of the world, and then marketing/selling them in the Saudi Arabia market.

In 1987 the Group had the willingness to take a substantial step towards expanding its business activities by establishing a Carpet Factory in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia in cooperation with a Belgian company.

The success of Al Sorayai has been duplicated and multiplied due to its extensive expertise in the Carpets and Rugs sector which matched with the economic boom which was witnessed during late seventies and early eighties in Saudi Arabia.

In addition to the excellent outputs within Carpets and Rugs sector, Al Sorayai Group’s other activities include the import and sale of Top class blankets, quilts, furniture, accessories, Fabrics for curtains and sofas.

Our Vision

We are committed to maintaining our reputation as a pioneering leader in the Carpets & Rugs manufacturing industry and wish to take our success to a global level, and the latter can be achieved by expanding our network through the local and international distribution of our products.

Our Mission

We strive to constantly deliver optimum quality products and services which are surely to meet the perceived standards of customer satisfaction, all of which comes in parallel with the our values towards our employees and shareholders.

Group Today

Having Originality, Creativity, and Growth as its building blocks, Al Sorayai Group has managed to achieve its prestigious position as a pioneer in the rugs and carpets industry.

Due to the high quality outputs of elite carpets and rugs by its plants, Al Sorayai proved its solid presence not only in the Saudi market but also on a global level.

Our Key Business Principles

Both honesty and integrity are essential elements for Al Sorayai Group, and therefore it discards all emotional and personal views, and practices its business in a professional approach based on studies and scientific research, which come in line with the teachings of our religion, our traditions and our society.

We believe in the constant commitment of hard work which aims at offering the best return for our shareholders, employees, and customers.