Our History

Back in 1953, the company was founded by Abdullah and Nassir Abdulaziz Al-Sorayai God rest his soul as a joint company in the holy city of Mecca under the name Abdullah and Nasser Abdul Aziz joint company. From then on, the establishment initiated its business through the import of handmade carpets from Iran, Pakistan and India. After that, the company decided to shift its attention towards importing machine-made carpets from Belgium, Germany and Eastern Europe.

As the seventies came along, the company looked into perfecting the diversification of its imports of both metal and wooden furniture as complementary products for the carpets and rugs.

By the late Eighties, 2 New plants were established by the company.

The first plant which is better known as Al-Sorayai carpet factory excels in the local Manufacturing of carpets in the Saudi Arabia and internationally exports its unique products to various countries around the globe.

The second plant which is referred to as Jeddah Industrial Yarn Factory professionally produces industrial yarns and threads from polypropylene, which are essential elements in the Manufacturing of carpets and rugs.